Friday, February 5, 2010

2009 Memories

Well, I can't believe that I actually started a BLOG. I thought this would be a great way for me to keep some kind of a journal about the craziness of our lives - and the small and simple things that really matter. So what better time than the year that I turn a half of a century old. What a terrible terrible thought. But also a reality.

2009 was a very interesting year. It began with the birth of our second granddaughter - and it ended with the loss of my father and my children's grandfather. In between was filled with busyness - vacations to Mexico, Spain and Lake Powell - continuous activity at the theatre - and alot of ups and down with my dad and his health and his constant visits to the hospital. It was also a year where all of our children began new adventures. Kelsey and Spencer's family grew with the addition of a sister for Sophie, Kara changed her career to sales and purchased a house with her little sister, Chase started school in Salt Lake City at the LDS Business College and Kimber became a crazy world traveller and then settled down into a nursing program at LCC. Bart stayed busy travelling in between Utah and Cardston and keeping things together with both businesses. He also started a new hobby of running and ran a half marathon in Bragg Creek and a full Marathon in Logan, UT with Chase. My biggest joy has probably been from being a grandma and using my talents at the theatre. All in all, I have discovered that life is full of simple things and simple moments - and they are the ones that make us happy - and make us feel fulfilled. My hope is that by keeping a blog I can try a little harder to recognize those small and simple things - and in recognizing them - I will learn to love and appreciate them.